Friday, March 22, 2019

Caperucita Roja y El Lobo Feroz

Haz clic aquí para escuchar el vídeo.
It's a familiar story and a bit scary as a small girl has to face the big bad wolf ... in this version El Lobo Feroz.

Like many great stories, it starts out "Habia una vez ... " once upon a time. 

This is a great listening exercise as the story is broken down into short segments and here's a process to help you develop your listening skills.

  • Listen to one Spanish segment at a time once or twice, following along with the words, just enjoying the story.
  • Note all the unfamiliar words but don't let them stop you.
  • Read the segment out loud.  
  • Review the vocabulary cards below then listen to the story again. If there are still words you don’t understand, make note of them for later. Try not to use the translation button unless you are completely stuck.
  • Read it out loud again and pay attention to your pronunciation. If you’re having trouble with a word, go to and practice it until it’s fluid.
This may seem like a slow process but it is building your listening, speaking and reading skills, creating new memory traces that will eventually turn into fluency.
Here are some words which were new to me. Be sure to say the words out loud as you review them.

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