Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Hablar: Mexican Dichos

Easy, Fun, and Effective: Mexican Dichos ... One way to start speaking immediately is through Mexican dichos … proverbs or sayings that are common in Mexico. Memorize and say them frequently ... out loud to yourself. Here are 9 to get you started. 
Many Mexican dichos are similar as our English sayings, however, some need a little explanation. This one makes sense when you think about it. Fear does not go on a burro. One internet interpetation is: Whoever is threatened by danger must flee quickly. Otherwise it would be as much as riding a donkey, which is a tired and slow animal.

This one is completely familiar: better late than never.  
You might even be able to work it into a conversation if you practice it enough.

Another shared saying: Curiosity killed the cat. (And, the image is photoshopped ... thankfully.)
Go to to make sure you are pronouncing the words right, then try it in a conversation.

This one is pretty clear: Flies don't enter a closed mouth.  
It is a warning to be discreet with our words.

Another very familiar one. Translate for yourself and practice.

Work this one out for yourself.

 Work this one out for yourself. 

This one needs a little explanation: The broth was more expensive than the meatballs. It has nothing to do with food. Sometimes, in order to get what we actually want (meatballs), we wind up spending more money on something else (the broth).

Lacking bread, tortillas. Being satisfied with what is available.

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