Friday, April 26, 2019

Verbos: 130 Common, Regular Spanish Verbs, 1 of 3

Callejon de Romance, Morelia, Michoacán
Regular verbs are beautiful things ... they play by the rules.

Once we know the conjugation patterns for each tense, we can use them in conversation without scrambling our brains. Here are 130 of the most common ones, presented with images for each verb because visual memory is powerful.

Also it turns out, we remember words best when they are presented together in a category such as regular verbs.

Learning process:

1. Say each word out loud. If you are uncertain about the pronunciation, check it at
2. Look at the picture closely and get a sense of what the word means. English is not used because that would teach translation instead of thinking in Spanish. If you're confused or uncertain, go to Google Translate.
3. Repeat the word out loud and try to use it in a simple sentence.
4. Review every 3 days until you are comfortable with all the words.

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