Sunday, April 28, 2019

Vocabulario: Los numeros de Español

Old door in Morelia
Even though you know numbers, when they are rattled off by vendors or in conversations, you may get lost if you haven’t done some specific listening practices. Here are some videos to help.

These videos give you several numbers. Write them down as you go. The video will then repeat the numbers or show them on the screen. The videos are shown in order of difficulty and provide excellent practice. 
I highly recommend practicing all of these until you recognize the spoken numbers easily.

Practice numbers in Spanish, dictation exercise - Tio Spanish - learn spanish videos

Bilingual Exchange - Spanish numbers practice

Test #1 Gateway to SpanishNumbers in Spanish: listening quiz 1

Note: After reviewing the first four videos, I took test #1 and missed 5 … mainly 5, 6, 7. 85% ;-(

Test #2 Gateway to SpanishNumbers in Spanish: listening quiz 2

Note: Test #2 was even bigger numbers and I missed 10 out of 20! 50% 
Plan: I'm going to repeat these videos and tests once a week until the numbers come easily ... and correctly!

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  1. R 5/4/2019 Still missing a lot and having trouble with 7/6 and 5/1. This time I wrote the numbers down and listened to them as they were read.