Thursday, May 2, 2019

Gramática: Lessons with Paul

One of my favorite Spanish YouTubers is Spanish with Paul. He has some very inexpensive courses but also has a ton of free YouTube videos. One of the things I like about his videos is that he makes you repeat everything and challenges you to make sentences out loud, step by step.

I highly recommend taking his courses,  but here are a few of his specialized videos I've found useful recently:

How To Make Your Spanish Faster - Learn Spanish With Paul

Cracking The Code (lo) - Spanish Pronouns With Paul

The Word "Get" (Se Pone) 

Secret Spanish Verbs! Rarely Taught But Often Used! (lograr ... logré - I managed to)

What Do You Mean? Learn Spanish With Paul (quiere decir/significar)

What Do You Mean? Part 2 - Learn Spanish With Paul (quería decir/sigificaba)

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