Sunday, May 26, 2019

How Polyglots Learn Languages Differently

Lýdia Machová
Video: - Ten things polyglots do differently 

One of the commenters on this video outlined the 10 ways polyglots learn differently:

1.Polyglots don't have a special talent! 15:07 
2.Every polyglot has their own method 16:34 
3.Polyglots learn languages mostly by themselves 17:08 
4.Polyglots create their own language material 18:31 
5.Polyglots learn one language at a time 19:12 
6.Polyglots spend much more time listening and speaking 20:32 
7.Polyglots are not afraid to make mistakes 23:12 
8.Polyglots have mastered the art of simplification 24:50 
9.Polyglots learn in small chunks 26:20 
10.Polyglots enjoy learning languages 27:10

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