Friday, June 12, 2020

13 Sentence language hack

Theoretically, you can show 80% of the grammar of Spanish in 13 sentences. If you thoroughly understand why these sentences are the way they are, you've hacked grammar.

Here's Tim Ferriss's 13:

The apple is red
It is John’s apple
I give John the apple
We give him the apple
La manzana es roja
Es la manzana de John
Le doy la manzana a John
Le damos la manzana
He gives it to John
She gives it to him
Él se la da a John
Ella se la da
I must give it to him
I want to give it to her
I’m going to buy it tomorrow
I can’t eat the apple
I have eaten the apple
Debo dársela a él
Quiero dársela (a ella)
Voy a comprarla mañana
No puedo comer la manzana
Me he comido la manzana
Is the apple red?
The apples are red
¿La manzana es roja?
Las manzanas son rojas

Here are 13 sentences from Andrew Barr:

The idea is interesting
It is María’s idea 
I tell Carlos the idea 
We tell him the idea 
He tells it to Jose 
She tells it to him                    I have to tell it to him              I want to tell it to her               I’m going to tell him the idea tomorrow                                 I can’t tell you the idea 
I have told him the idea          Is the idea interesting?        The ideas are interesting 
– La idea es interesante
– Es la idea de María
– Le digo la idea a Carlos
– Le decimos la idea
– Él se la dice a Carlos

– Ella se la dice
– Tengo que decírsela (a él)
– Quiero decírsela (a ella)
– Le voy a decir la idea
– No te puedo decir la idea

– Le he dicho la idea
– ¿Es la idea interesante?
– Las ideas son interesantes

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