Monday, June 1, 2020

13 trigger phrases for subjunctive

Language master Olly Richards is offering a 30-day course in subjunctive taught through stories. Seems like a perfect way to launch my renewed effort to climb the conversational Spanish mountain ... or at least pry myself away from my tent at base camp.

The course is supposed to take 15 minutes a day. Today is sorta Day 0 since we're covering the groundwork before heading into the story.

First, there was a video on the subjunctive mood and the four tenses of this mood. It was a good review and then we got the thirteen phrases that generally trigger subjunctive.


es importante que
dudar que 
es bueno que
es malo que
esperar que
es mejor que
es raro que
es posible que
es necesario que
hasta que
ojalá que
no es cierto que
mientras que
sin que

One of the first lessons I learned on my journey into Spanish is to beware of those little words ... obviously, this is one of those occasions.

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