Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Leer: Zines from Issuu..com

Spanish magazines are a reading treasure … not only the articles, but also the ads, offer a ton of comprehensible input for many different levels. However, there aren’t many Spanish magazines on most newsstands. However, there’s issuu.com which offers you a ton of magazines for learning and reading Spanish.

I like magazines for the short articles and contemporary language. They are a natural way to build vocabulary. Here are some examples:

SpanishInfluential is a monthly magazine which is where I will start my magazine reading. 

The editor’s statement on the inside cover:

Translation: It is not known what the future holds for the publishing business, but no matter how critical it is, it will not perish. Reading, always, is a salvation and with fashion in general, there is no doubt, it is and will be useful for both dressing and saving ourselves.

At issue.com, search for offerings under Spanish. You will find a lot of language learning options as well as more general reading possibilities such as:


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