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I love exploring Mexico. The color, history, culture, people, food, music ... todo.

Process Disclaimer: These stories of places I've explored are written as part of my Spanish language journey. Therefore, they are most likely flawed. My process is to write the stories in Spanish, using the language I have at the time ... occasionally finding a new word in Google Translate (GT) when needed. My new words are highlighted so I can add them to my study list.

After writing a paragraph, I put the Spanish into Google Translate to see if the English represents what I'm trying to say. If it does, I then copy and paste it into the left column and change the language to English. That gives me GT's take on what the Spanish should be. This is where I start to learn by comparing the two versions and asking myself why they are different. The result of this comparison and any changes that come out of it is what you see here.

I am working with a coach who will also check these pages. When he has deemed them correct, I will add the word (verified) to the title.

Note: you can track your reviews by making a comment with your review date at the bottom of each post.

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